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Deft Duelist by Dave Palumbo

Artist – David Palumbo

David Palumbo has created many genre themed artwork from book covers, collectible card games, advertisements and concept designs. He has received multiple honours such as teh Spectrum medals and Chesley award and exhibits from New York to Paris. Some of David’s work is reminiscent of Frank Frazetta. He creates fantastical illustrations allowing you to lose yourself in your own imagination.…

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Gabriel Mureno - watercolor, ink, pencil

Artist – Gabriel Mureno

Gabriel Mureno is a artist based in Mardid. Working as an illustrator in advertising, he also creates his own personal pieces of art. His paintings involve the use of pencil, ink, watercolour and digital art. His paintings are both imaginative and artistic. The blend of colours with black and white creates a surreal environment. His work have such raw emotion…

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Dan Dos Santos - Furiosa - mad max

Artist – Dan Don Santos

Dan Don Santos started art at an early age, drawing his favourite cartoon characters. Then as most artistic boys do, he gravitated towards comic books. He would recreate their work and often create his own characters and stories. Later on he attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City.  It was here, that he developed his style in…

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